• Education

    CWS Vietnam supports the education sector through capacity building of teachers, a child-friendly school environment, child participation and parents’ engagement, education on nutrition to teachers and parents as well as upgrading of infrastructure.

  • Water, Sanitation and Health
    Water, Sanitation and Health

    CWS Vietnam assist the improvement of the health sector in our target areas through support to access to water, awareness raising on hygiene and sanitation, building of latrines, animal pens and biogas systems.

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building

    All CWS activities, at all levels, include components of capacity building in order to empower individuals and communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

  • Disaster Response
    Disaster Response

    CWS Vietnam supports its target areas when disaster strikes in cooperation with the local authorities and population as well as with the Red Cross. We are members of actalliance.

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In Muong Te district, Lai Chau province, open defecation near streams is a common practice. Since 2010 CWS has been working with communities to address this issue here. In early 2015, we started expanding the project to new communes in the district’s frontier area, which borders China.

CWS training "building latrine' to local people in Ka Lang remote commune in Muong Te-2015

Credit: CWS Vietnam

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The donation from Disciples of Christ, one of CWS member denominations, has been funded to CWS Vietnam to support for school water and hygiene related activities in a new commune in Thai Nguyen province where CWS Vietnam currently works in.  To maximize the usage of the funding, CWS Vietnam has worked closely with local partners, authorities and schools, to analyze local situation and identify needs of support. The Disciples of Christ’s fund is then decided to help improve water supply and quality for the Kindergarten no. 1 of Thanh Cong commune, where over 500 students and teachers of the school staying whole day and been using unsafe water directly from a drilled well without filtering for their daily cooking, students’ eating and drinking. The project was being implemented during May and June 2015.

CWS staff handover to teacher of Thanh Cong 1 kindergarten new water system

Credit: CWS Vietnam 

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In June 2015 CWS supported two workshops for 70 people in Quan Chu commune, Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province, to talk and discuss about how to solve the garbage problem – starting at home, that is, at the household level, and then at the village level. Workshop was a chance for everyone to share their ideas on simple ways to address garbage handling at home and in the village, starting with reduction, reuse and recycling, and then separation for collection of everything else.

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