• Education

    CWS Vietnam supports the education sector through capacity building of teachers, a child-friendly school environment, child participation and parents’ engagement, education on nutrition to teachers and parents as well as upgrading of infrastructure.

  • Water, Sanitation and Health
    Water, Sanitation and Health

    CWS Vietnam assist the improvement of the health sector in our target areas through support to access to water, awareness raising on hygiene and sanitation, building of latrines, animal pens and biogas systems.

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building

    All CWS activities, at all levels, include components of capacity building in order to empower individuals and communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

  • Disaster Response
    Disaster Response

    CWS Vietnam supports its target areas when disaster strikes in cooperation with the local authorities and population as well as with the Red Cross. We are members of actalliance.

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1. Taking advantage their schools’ summer vacation, CWS hosted a series of info-sharing events about child rights and child protection in remote ethnic minority communities northwest Vietnam. While the information sharing was about children, sessions were designed to reach adults, many of whom did not even know, and surprisingly questioned, if children actually have legal rights. In all, more than 600 adults and 400 children and young people joined in these awareness-raising events, and through energizing and fun group exercises with follow-up Q&A, many now have new basic information and awareness about child rights and, importantly, ways to promote child protection in all ways.
2. Following training sessions about community-led total sanitation (CLTS) in June, a series of CLTS activations
was led by the training graduates, who attracted the participation of almost 1,000 people in 13 villages of Yen
Thang and Tam Van communes. Through peer education, participants were led through a community-wide
activity that, eventually and surprisingly, helped them realize that their daily open-defecation habit is very
harmful to the health and environment of the whole community. Also, follow-up information from their peers
was new for almost all villagers as they heard about different latrine models as a simple, but key, way to prevent defecation-related risks.
3. Seven Vietnam country team members recently joined a two-day Safety/Security/Emergency Management
(SSEM) and Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) workshop, and all-staff feedback showed
that everyone gained some new knowledge in support of safe driving and travel, security risk management,
effective phone tree use and emergency reporting. Also all staff reviewed the roles and responsibilities of their
Emergency Preparedness and Response Team, including emergency communication protocols within CWS
and networks for emergency response.

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Thai Nguyen training workshops and awareness-raising events

1. Food sanitation info-sharing/ education in Phu Thinh commune, was organized. 80 people, including farmers and food vendors participated. In closing Q&A, participants showed they have updated knowledge about nutrition/food sanitation-safety.

2. First Aid training in Phuc Luong commune.was organized to 5 clinic workers and 17 village health workers.

3. School awareness-raising about child protection was organized in Quan Chu commune for 29 teachers, 270 students and 140 student parents. Participants showed they understand common risks/threats to children in daily life; children learned what they should/should not do for their own protection and risk prevention, and all discussed how to protect children from summer vacation accidents and injuries.

4. Sanitary latrine promotion project activities were started in Phu Thinh and Phuc Luong communes. 53 sanitary latrines were made and are in use.

5. Household waste management info-sharing/ education was organized in Quan Chu commune for 120 people in 3 villages.

The ideas were shared on simple ways, including the banana circle, to manage home/village garbage. 3 community garbage landfills and 10 banana circles at homes were planned to be made.


Muong Te training workshops and awareness-raising events
1. Drowning prevention awareness raising in Nam Khao commune benefits 268 people, including children and other community members in 4 villages. In closing Q&A, children showed they understood basic info and ways to prevent drowning.
2. Workshop on sharing experiences in motivating and making and use of latrine in Pa U commune was organized for 48 people from 2 new villages. Participants visited others’ latrines in a nearby village to learn about sanitary latrine models and community mobilization.


Thanh Hoa training workshops and awareness-raising events
1. Community-led total sanitation (CLTS) info-sharing/ trainings were organized in Tam Van and Yen Thang communes for 34 people including health workers, community cadres. Duty-bearers understand CLTS and sanitary latrine models and have information and skills to organize CLTS activation.
2. School well was made in Van village (Yen Thang commune), which benefits 148 students and 26 teachers of Yen Thang primary school. This well supports better school sanitation and health.

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1. CWS project in Muong Te district (Lai Chau) conducted a hygiene awareness-raising workshop to 163 people, including students and teachers in Pa U #1 primary school. The outcome is that the participants showed improved hygiene and environmental sanitation awareness/ knowledge of; they learned and practiced proper hand washing with soap and clean water.

2. In Muong Te district (Lai Chau) and Dai Tu district (Thai Nguyen), CWS continues to conduct series of Community-led total sanitation (CLTS) workshops to new project communes for the hygiene promotion. In the workshops people from old project communes came to share experiences and lessons learned of CLTS model and implementation in their communes. The participants planned for CLTS start-up in new communes.

3. Beside this hygiene promotion activity, 59 sanitary latrines were built and are in use in Phuc Luong and Phu Thinh communes, which are two new CWS project communes in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province.

4. In Muong Te district (Lai Chau) CWS project provided a community awareness-raising training on human trafficking to 190 people, including 40 children, in 5 villages of Ka Lang commune. In closing Q&A, people showed they had new knowledge of the issue, e.g., risk, and had learned the ways to detect and prevent trafficking in their communities. Also, 3 community awareness-raising trainings on child protection were organized to more than 1000 people including students, teachers and villagers in Thanh Cong and Phuc Thuan communes, Pho Yen district (Thai Nguyen). The participants are aware of the common risks/threats to children in daily life. With the participatory method, the participants discussed how to protect children from summer vacation accidents and injuries.

5. 32 people, including duty-bearers, health workers, Women’s Union members, in CWS new project in Lang Chanh district (Thanh Hoa) have visited CWS project in Dai Tu district (Thai Nguyen) to learn about latrine models, CLTS method, process and implementation experiences and lessons learned from Thai Nguyen local people. 



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