• Education

    CWS Vietnam supports the education sector through capacity building of teachers, a child-friendly school environment, child participation and parents’ engagement, education on nutrition to teachers and parents as well as upgrading of infrastructure.

  • Water, Sanitation and Health
    Water, Sanitation and Health

    CWS Vietnam assist the improvement of the health sector in our target areas through support to access to water, awareness raising on hygiene and sanitation, building of latrines, animal pens and biogas systems.

  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building

    All CWS activities, at all levels, include components of capacity building in order to empower individuals and communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

  • Disaster Response
    Disaster Response

    CWS Vietnam supports its target areas when disaster strikes in cooperation with the local authorities and population as well as with the Red Cross. We are members of actalliance.

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On 5/9/2014, the school opening day of year 2014-2015, we arrived in Tho Ma primary school, Pa Ve Su commune, a remote mountainous school near the border in Muong Te district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam. School headmaster Nguyen Van Dung was receiving us. He was very happy and proud of the new school, he said “Here, all these new infrastructures are supported by CWS to our school. One year ago our school had only 2 brick-made classrooms and this wooden old classroom. We never ever have had a big and imposing opening school day as we had this year. Now our students of grade 4 and grade 5 have boarding rooms for sleeping. There is a kitchen for them. Also there are separate toilets for male and female students. The classrooms have much better quality and more beautiful. The classrooms are full-equipped of tables, chairs and boards for learning. Our teachers and students very appreciate CWS support”.

Old wooden classroom in Tho Ma Primary School, Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Credit: CWS Vietnam


Looking at what his hand pointed, we saw that the school infrastructure is rightly in good quality. CWS has built for this school two boarding rooms for male and female students. Outside the boarding rooms there is a big and firm aluminum roof and cement ground for being dinning place. Next are two separate toilets for male and female students. In the left corner of playground there is a kitchen with stainless steel shelves, bowls, disks, and cooking pans. Walking inside the boarding rooms, we saw the 2-level steel beds in good line. Mats, mosquito nets and blankets, which CWS support to school, are on the beds.

New WCs for male and female students in Tho Ma Primary School, Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Credit: CWS Vietnam


New classrooms in Tho Ma Primary School, Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Credit: CWS Vietnam


In front of the playground, there are two new buildings with 4 classrooms. In these classrooms the tables and chairs are still very new and with wooden smell. The school also has fence and steel gate, therefore the students feel safe when boarding in school.  

Agreeing this with headmaster Dung, the teachers in school seem very happy because the school infrastructure are in quite good quality and can answer the needs of teaching and learning in this remote mountainous area. The teachers wish CWS will continue to bring this happiness to the students in other remote and difficult area in Muong Te district.

Written by: Mai Thi Quynh Giao – CWS Vietnam



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On Thursday 17.7.2014 CWS Vietnam program staff went to visit the project site in Phuc Thuan commune (Pho Yen district, Thai Nguyen province), where they often visit monthly. However, there was a big flood in this area and they couldn't pass the normal road to reach to the kindergarten, where CWS is supporting the classroom, kitchen and toilet building. This is the main road connecting the school with the commune centre.


Flood in Phuc Thuan commune - Pho Yen district - Thai Nguyen province 7.2014

Credit: CWS Vietnam

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Training on different groups of nutritious food. Photo: CWS Vietnam


In the Vietnam community of Muong Te, among the poorest districts in the country, parents of kindergarten students in Nam Cau village have started along the path to improved nutrition after having completed a training for awareness raising in food nutrition and a cooking demonstration featuring a nutritious rice soup. 

“Twenty-three villagers, mostly women and their little children, and four kindergarten staff members participated in the training held by CWS staff,” reports CWS Vietnam’s Program Manager Ngo Quoc Dung.

The training is part of a three-year integrated nutrition, health and hygiene project underway in this rural district of Lai Chau province in the northwest region of Vietnam. Other program components include the planting of small vegetable gardens by students at primary and lower secondary schools to provide nutritious food for the school’s boarding students.  Dung says the garden project “helps the students learn skills that are considered beneficial to both themselves and their parents.” 

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